Dynegy Bailout

Dynegy’s Double-Bailout Called Into Question at Hearing

Texas-based Dynegy Inc. has launched a two-pronged assault on our environment, public health, and ratepayers. In the past few weeks, Dynegy requested that the Illinois Pollution Control Board to rewrite the state’s Multi-Pollutant Standard (MPS), was sold to a fellow Texas-based energy giant, Vistra Energy, for $1.7 billion, and filed legislation that would grant them […]

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Dynegy Double Bailout

Dynegy’s Double-Bailout

11 Senators and 33 Representatives Oppose SB 2250 and HB 4141, Dynegy’s Double-Bailout Dynegy, a Texas-based energy giant, has been busy pushing bailouts in multiple venues with Illinois policymakers, while at the same time entering into a mega-merger with another Texas-based energy giant, Vistra Energy. This sale is estimated to add $1.7 billion to Dynegy’s

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