IEC Board

The Illinois Environmental Council and Illinois Environmental Council Education Fund Boards of Directors are composed of both elected and appointed members from across the state’s environmental community.
Our boards provides oversight, guidance, and strategic direction to ensure we remain a strong and lasting organization.

IEC Officers:

Anne McKibbin, President
Kelly Mazeski, Vice President
Delmar Gillus, Treasurer
Andrew Szwak, Secretary

Elected Directors:

Delmar Gillus
Beverly Halloran
Dave Kolata
Karen May
Kelly Mazeski
Juliana Pino
Lauren Rosenthal
Michael Tryon

Appointed Directors/Lead Affiliates:

Andrew Szwak, Openlands
Ashley Maybanks, The Nature Conservancy
Elliot Brinkman, Prairie Rivers Network
J.C. Kibbey, Natural Resources Defense Council
David McEllis, Environmental Law and Policy Center
Anne McKibbin, Elevate Energy
Dick Munson, Environmental Defense Fund
Kady McFadden, Illinois Chapter of the Sierra Club
Brian Urbaszewski, Respiratory Health Association
Pastor Scott Onque’, Faith in Place
Margaret Frisbie, Friends of the Chicago River
John Delurey, Vote Solar

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