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Dynegy’s Double-Bailout

11 Senators and 33 Representatives Oppose SB 2250 and HB 4141, Dynegy’s Double-Bailout

Dynegy, a Texas-based energy giant, has been busy pushing bailouts in multiple venues with Illinois policymakers, while at the same time entering into a mega-merger with another Texas-based energy giant, Vistra Energy. This sale is estimated to add $1.7 billion to Dynegy’s coffers.

In response, 11 State Senators and 33 Representatives sent a letter to Governor Rauner entitled “Illinois Families Can’t Afford A Coal Bailout.” In the letter, the legislators express their opposition to Dynegy Inc.’s attempt to weaken air pollution rules, and they commit to vote against any proposal that will bailout Dynegy’s uneconomic coal plants.

You can read the letter below and write your legislators to oppose Dynegy’s double-bailout by clicking here.

See what others are saying about Dynegy’s plans:

“Houston-based Dynegy will push for the General Assembly to consider legislation in next
month’s veto session that would likely hike electric bills in downstate Illinois to preserve at
least some of the company’sfinancially ailing fleet of coal-fired power plants.”
Crain’s Chicago Business, 10/13/17

“Nationwide, the environment is under regulatory assault …. It falls to the states, including
Illinois, to be even more vigilant about protecting our air and water. Dynegy’s request
should be rejected.” – Chicago Sun-Times, 10/18/17

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