Our Mission

We advance equitable public policies that ensure a healthy environment across Illinois through collaboration, building power, and advocacy.

We are Illinois’ respected and trusted voice for creating sound policy and ensuring environmental protections.
IEC and our partners have been at the heart of every legislative environmental win in the past two decades in Illinois.
people on an IEC Legislator Tour looking through binoculars in a wooded area

About us

IEC works to safeguard Illinois—its people, its plants and animals, and the natural systems on which all life depends by
building power for people and the environment.

The Illinois Environmental Council (IEC) was created in 1975 to ensure that the collective voice of Illinois’ environmental community was amplified in public policy debates and legislative action. Today, IEC is proud to be leading the strongest, most effective environmental community in the state’s history.
Representing over 100 environmental organizations operating in Illinois, IEC carries out our mission to advance equitable public policies that create healthy environments across Illinois through collaboration, building power, and advocacy.

Our vision

We envision an Illinois where informed decision-makers and empowered communities successfully champion the environment.

Our Strategy

Our Affiliates

IEC relies on our affiliate member organizations to identify the biggest issues facing our environment.

We provide the framework for our affiliate member organizations to share resources, mobilize supporters, and respond quickly to the most pressing environmental issues. From building consensus around a legislative agenda to lobbying city, state, and federal decision-makers, IEC takes pride in leading our environmental movement forward.


IEC’s staff is committed to creating healthy environments across our state.

We are a strong team working daily towards cleaner air, water, and energy.

Our Board

The IEC Board of Directors is composed of environmental leaders from across the state.

Young Professionals Board

Connecting professionals who are committed to environmental protection.

Composed of young professionals from the public, private and non-profit sectors, the IEC Young Professionals Board raises money to support IEC’s work.