Livestock Operations

The Livestock Facilities Management Act regulates large animal facilities that house thousands of hogs, chicken, or cows. It is also used to actively supersede local control of the siting and construction of these types of facilities. Danielle Diamond from the Socially Responsible Agriculture Project and Albert Ettinger, attorney, will review the laws concerning livestock operations. […]

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CAFO Hearing

Since mid-2016, the Chicago Tribune has been publishing an investigative series highlighting the many human and environmental harms caused by confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs). One shocking revelation came from IDNR records that show that half of all fish kills in Illinois rivers are related to spills from livestock operations. In response to these reports,

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The High Cost of Cheap Meat

As an organization that has been working to solve the pollution crisis caused by concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) in Illinois for years, we applaud the Chicago Tribune’s recent in-depth investigative report on large hog confinements. Few could read this piece without gasping at the stories of environmental pollution, animal abuse, and destruction of rural

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