Legislator Feature: State Representative Carol Ammons

Ammons Feature

IEC is excited to release our first “Legislator Feature” on our blog! Through this series, we hope to share with our supporters how legislators think about environmental issues, and what areas they are specifically interested in. For this entry, we are pleased to interview State Representative Carol Ammons.

Representative Carol Ammons is serving her second term as state representative of the 103rd District, which includes Champaign-Urbana. Previously, Rep. Ammons served as a member of the Urbana City Council and Champaign County Board. IEC has been fortunate to work with Rep. Ammons on legislation to protect the Mahomet Aquifer, bolster local and sustainable food, and grow the clean energy economy.

IEC is grateful to Rep. Ammons for taking the time to share her thoughts on environmental issues with IEC Legislative Director Colleen Smith:

What is the most memorable environmental bill you’ve worked on?
One of my first bills banned the dumping of toxic chemicals in the landfill over the Mahomet Aquifer, the sole source of drinking water for 800,000 people in Central Illinois.

What environmental initiatives would you like to see Illinois take the lead on?
The effective collaboration of expanding the use of renewable energy sources with employment training and apprenticeship for our unemployed and underemployed community members.

How has your community responded to environmental issues since the 2016 election?
My community is very concerned, active, and engaged on environmental issues. My Environmental Community Advisory Panel has consistent attendance and provides excellent feedback to me on legislation pending in the Illinois House.

How effective are current environmental advocacy efforts and what could be improved?
I think environmental advocacy efforts are more effective when they demonstrate their relationship to other pressing issues in our community, i.e. employment, reducing poverty, public health, etc.

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