Illinois Environmental Council statement on today’s Senate vote on Climate and Equitable Jobs Act

Statement from Jen Walling, executive director of the Illinois Environmental Council (IEC) ahead of today’s Senate energy vote:

“IEC is cheering the Senate on today as they convene to cast a historic vote on the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act, legislation that will have a lasting legacy on the future of our state, our most under-invested communities and our planet.

“We expect today’s vote to demonstrate definitive proof that the people of Illinois are finally represented by a climate action majority in the Illinois General Assembly who will prioritize their needs over the demands of fossil fuel interests.

“We have been working for decades to build the power of our environmental movement and increase the number and strength of environmental champions in the legislature. Today’s vote will be a milestone for Illinois’ people and environment in that effort, and we look forward to celebrating the climate champions who vote yes on SB2408.”


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