Illinois Environmental Council Applauds Milestone in Monarch Butterfly License Plate Specialty Decal Project

Monarch Decals to Soon Be in the Hands of Interested Illinois Drivers

CHICAGO – Today, the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office, in a joint announcement with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, rolled out the brand new specialty Monarch Butterfly license plate decal after legislative approval seven years ago. Having played a key role in the passage of legislation greenlighting the project, the Illinois Environmental Council responded to the news by issuing the following statement:

“Native pollinators, like the iconic Illinois State Insect, the Monarch Butterfly, play a critical role in preserving the biodiversity of our local ecosystems – and they are beloved by so many Illinoisans. Sadly, just last year, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature added the migrating Monarch Butterfly for the first time to its “red list” of threatened species and categorized it as “endangered,” two steps from extinct.

The Illinois Environmental Council is proud to have played a role in passing the legislation that put this project into motion and recruiting over 2,000 Illinois Monarch protectors to sign up for the new license plate decal seven years ago. Funds raised through decal sales support the state’s Monarch Habitat Fund, which plants roadside monarch habitats throughout our state and helps save this magnificent species.

Today, we couldn’t be more appreciative of Secretary of State Giannoulias, his office and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for finally getting this project across the finish line and into the hands of Illinoisans who care deeply about our native plants and wildlife.”


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