IEC Statement in Response to Leader Schumer and Sen. Manchin’s Agreement on Reconciliation Bill with Climate Provisions

CHICAGO – In response to Majority Leader Schumer and Senator Manchin’s announcements of an agreement to add the ‘Inflation Reduction Act of 2022,’ which reportedly will reduce carbon emissions by close to 40 percent by 2030, to the reconciliation bill, the Illinois Environmental Council (IEC) issued the following statement from Executive Director Jen Walling:

“We are thrilled that the voices of concerned Illinoisans have finally been heard now that key leaders in the U.S. Senate have reached a deal that includes climate investments to reduce carbon emissions by roughly 40 percent by 2030. As Illinois families struggle with high gas prices, inflation and devastating fossil-fueled extreme weather, this is excellent news for our state.

“On the heels of passing the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act, Illinois is uniquely prepared to leverage this historic federal investment in climate action to deliver climate resilience, good jobs and lower consumer costs for families across Illinois for generations to come.

“So, this is it: the time for the Senate to pass cost-saving legislation that makes overdue investments in climate and clean energy, improves our energy security, creates good jobs and builds a more affordable, healthy, just and equitable future is right now.”

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