IEC Legislative Update

IEC 2019 Veto Session Review

The 2019 Veto Session is officially a wrap for Team IEC! Each year, veto session runs for two weeks after regular session, which runs from January through May. Veto session is intended to allow the legislature time to consider bills the Governor vetoed, but in practice, the legislature considers a wide range of issues.

This veto session, IEC focused on demonstrating public support for the Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA) and gaining ground on ethylene oxide legislation. On October 29, our community came together to bring over 500 activists from all over Illinois to Springfield to meet with their legislators to discuss CEJA.

Watch the video below to see IEC Executive Director Jen Walling and Legislative Director Colleen Smith discuss veto session and to learn more about our plans for next year!

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IEC Legislative Updates

Legislative Update in the Wake of COVID-19

As you probably know, we typically send out updates on the status of the environmental legislative agenda on a weekly basis during the legislative session. However, these are not typical times and it feels wrong to go about business as usual when we are all so focused on the gravity of threats posed by the coronavirus, COVID-19, in our communities.

IEC 2019 Veto Session Review

During this session, IEC focused on demonstrating public support for the Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA) and addressing ethylene oxide pollution.

2019 End of Session Update

The 2019 Illinois General Assembly legislative session ended on Sunday, June 2. IEC is proud to announce it was one of the most successful ever

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