General Iron’s Pollution Doesn’t Belong Here

Once again polluting industries are threatening communities on the Southeast side of Chicago, communities whose air, water and land has been bombarded with toxic pollution for generations. 

General Iron, a scrap metal shredder operating in Lincoln Park for years, is seeking a permit to relocate their operations to the southeast side. This company has proven to be a bad neighbor, with repeated violations of state and federal environmental regulations. 

Their illegal and dangerous practices do not belong in any part of our state–Chicago’s northside or otherwise–and a move to the southeast side is simply a thinly veiled attempt to continue polluting in a part of town where they hope leaders will turn a blind eye because it’s population is made up of predominantly Black and brown Chicagoans.

We absolutely cannot allow another air polluting industry to move into a community that has an elevated risk of COVID-19 due, in part, to years of exposure to toxic pollution. Worse still, this process is unfolding at a time when the public is less able to effectively participate.

All Illinoisans can help by telling Illinois EPA to deny General Iron’s permit request.

Chicagoans can tell their Alderman and the Mayor of Chicago that General Iron does not belong in our city.

Depending on where you live, our form will automatically direct messages to your decision makers.

PLEASE NOTE: After taking action, you may get a bounce back email from your legislator(s) stating that they no longer accept emails and to use a form on their website instead. If this is the case, please follow the link in their email to take action.

Click here if the form fails to load.

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