IEC Legislative Update

2024 Environmental Legislative Update

Both the House and the Senate were in and conducting business this week as we move closer to the final days of this year’s regular legislative session. While next Friday is the scheduled adjournment day of the regular legislative session, we anticipate that discussions centered on the budget will take some time and could take us well past the 24th. We are also seeing an increase in internal caucus meetings, which are causing some delays. Despite these issues, some important pieces of the Illinois Environmental Legislative Agenda continue to move through the legislative process.

Zero Waste Lobby Day

This week, IEC held Zero Waste Lobby Day, our last lobby day of the spring session! Folks from across our state traveled to the State Capitol to speak with their legislators about the importance of reducing plastic waste, encouraging composting, and making our environment, especially our waterways, healthier for all.

If you weren’t able to make it with us in person, you can take action from home by sending a note of support to your legislators now. Click here, and we’ll pull up an email for you to send their way!

Large Event Recycling & Composting

Many large events like sports stadiums often do not have recycling and composting despite quickly producing significant amounts of waste. Sports venues, festivals, etc., tend to be such large events where a lot of waste is created rapidly, and a significant portion of what ends up in the trash is either recyclable (cans, glass bottles, etc.) or compostable (certain food waste for example). Rep. Curtis Tarver’s SB2876 passed out of committee on a vote of 15-0-8, which would require large event facilities (with legal occupancies of at least 3,500 people) to provide recycling and composting bins.

Reducing Single-Use Plastics in Illinois Hotels

Rep. Buckner passed SB2960, which would require hotels to use refillable toiletry bottles instead of repeatedly providing new mini toiletry bottles in guest rooms. This bill passed out of committee on a vote of 18-8.

Black Farmer and Grower Lobby Day

On Wednesday, over 100 advocates, many operating urban farms across Illinois, went to the Capitol to work with Rep. Sonya Harper to support the passage of various pieces of legislation that provide technical assistance for underserved farmers, increase funding for local food infrastructure, and create permanent agricultural leases to increase accessibility to land. Partnering with the Illinois Stewardship Alliance, we expect this lobby day to grow each year! Guest speakers at the breakfast included Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton, IDOA Dir. Jerry Costello, Rep. Lance Yednock, and Rep. Cyril Nichols.

Local Food Infrastructure

This week, Rep. Sonya Harper passed legislation out of the House with a unanimous vote of 109-0.

Homeowners’ Native Landscaping Act

Native plants provide biodiversity, are resistant to some diseases and pests, and require little water. This week, Sen. Karina Villa passed HB5296 out of the Senate, legislation that would stop HOAs from enacting ordinances preventing residents from creating native landscapes on their own properties. The bill passed with a vote of 42-17 and is on its way to the Governor!

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IEC Legislative Updates

2024 Environmental Legislative Update

Today is the scheduled adjournment day of the regular legislative session. However, as of this morning, it became clear that leading members of the House