IEC’s Statement on The Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson Decision

IEC stands today in frustration, sadness and solidarity with all Americans who need accessible abortion healthcare. One of the core goals of our work as an organization is to build power for Illinois’ people and environment, however, today’s US Supreme Court decision comes as a clear obstruction to that work.

Reproductive Justice, like many other forms of justice, is intrinsically tied to environmentalism and climate action. For all of history, people with uteruses, and disproportionately Black women, have had their bodies regulated, monitored or in the most horrific cases sterilized by the government. According to the CDC, in 2018, the infant mortality rate among Black parents was more than double that of white parents. Moreover, restrictions on abortion access have and will disproportionately impact and endanger Black, Brown and low-income people with uteruses– those who are additionally more likely to live in environmental justice communities. 

Racial justice, economic justice, reproductive justice and environmental justice are all intrinsically linked, and we will not stand a chance at winning any one of these fights if we do not first recognize the intersectional nature of all forms of oppression. That is why we, as an environmental organization, will call out the Supreme Court’s decision as an attack on individual rights and the safe and healthy environment for all that IEC strives to work toward every day. 

In the meantime, it’s on us to keep our communities safe, please consider donating to some of the organizations doing crucial work to make abortions accessible for all who need them:

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