IEC’s Statement on Senator Manchin’s Refusal to Support Climate Action

Springfield, IL – In response to the news that Senator Manchin will not support climate action in the Senate reconciliation deal, the Illinois Environmental Council (IEC) released the following statement:

“The climate provisions in President Biden’s Build Back Better plan are, in no uncertain terms, our last chance to prevent the most catastrophic and costly effects of climate change. Though scientists across the globe agree that the window for action is rapidly closing, one man – Senator Joe Manchin – has leveraged his outsized power in the Senate to condemn future generations not just in his home state of West Virginia, but here in Illinois and beyond.

“Senator Manchin and 49 Senate Republicans had every opportunity to stand up for climate, jobs and justice, and save families money when they need it most, but instead, they are choosing to stand with big polluters. We urge him to reconsider because our children’s future depends on it.”


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