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The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency has just released the Biennial Report for the Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy, and the report makes it clear that Illinois continues to deposit unsustainable amounts of nutrients and chemicals into our State’s waterways and the Mississippi River, endangering the natural environment and potentially our water supplies.

  • For multiple years Illinois has been one of the top states contributing nitrates and phosphorus into the Gulf of Mexico, fueling the “Dead Zone” that is killing more and more marine life every year.
  • The topsoil (and nutrients it contains) are the reason agriculture has flourished in Illinois, and continued loss of this critical resource will have a detrimental impact on farmers across the State.
  • At our current conservation rates statewide it will take us more than 200 years to meet our nutrient loss goals, far longer than we can wait to make a real impact.

Urge lawmakers to take action that helps Illinois achieve our nutrient loss goals, by funding and prioritizing nutrient loss reduction strategies. 

We’re working to get all 177 legislators and Governor Pritzker to support this important measure, as well as thousands of Illinoisans like you from every part of the state!

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Many legislators are moving to online forms on their websites. If this is the case, you may get a bounce back email from your legislator directing you to fill out a form on their website instead. Please take action there.

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