The Illinois Environmental Council’s Young Professionals Board is an effort by the IEC to engage and organize Illinois’ next generation of leaders on environmental issues.

Consisting of young professionals from the public, private and non-profit sectors, the YP Board raises money to support the IEC’s important work, supplements IEC’s efforts on key environmental policy initiatives and provides a forum for young professionals concerned about environmental issues to meet, greet, and interact.

Members of the Board
Jessica Collingsworth (President), Abby Lerner, Ashley Parr, Alyssa Sullivan, Bruce Ratain, Courtney O’Brien, Daniel Rottenberg, Drew Navolio, Brett Cullen, Brendan Dailey, Brittany Zwicker, Burkett Huey, Christine Del Priore, Colleen Smith, David McEllis, Ian Adams, JC Kibbey, Katie Hanson, Katrina Phillips, Kendra Fogarty, Kevin Ogorzalek, Jen Baader, Jeremiah Muhammad, Jeremy Kanne, Jinxi Chen, Jeff Shaknaitis, Kady McFadden, Liz Unkur, Melanie Frank, Matt Pundmann, Matt Bragg, Rachel Folee, Sarah Gulezian, Sara Wochos, Thomas Flowers, Thomas McAndrew, Ryan Wolber

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Partners for Parks and Wildlife

Partners for Parks and Wildlife (PPW) is a grassroots coalition that is dedicated to secure and increase funding for open space and park acquisition, natural area preservation, wildlife habitat protection and recreational opportunities in Illinois.

Learn More About Climate Change

The U.S. EPA’s website on climate change was once a great resource for basic scientific information on the topic and we look forward to the day that it is again. Until then, the City of Chicago is making sure its citizens have access to research and information.


One of the simplest ways to donate to the IEC is by contributing through EarthShare in your workplace charity campaign .