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For 40 years, IEC has worked to make Illinois a better place to live, work and play by making sure policy coming out of Springfield protects our air, water and land. IEC relies on financial support from our members and sponsors to ensure a healthful environmental for all Illinoisans.

Some of the Illinois Environmental Council’s recent accomplishments include:

Tickets to the annual dinner cannot be purchased using these links. Please visit this page for more information about the dinner.

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Illinois Environmental Council
(Contributions to support legislative activity are not tax deductible.)

IEC Education Fund
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If you are part of an environmental organization and would like to join or renew your membership, please click here.

IEC Corporate Donation Policy

The Illinois Environmental Council receives the majority of its funding from its member organizations, individual donors and foundations. Any donation from a corporate or business donor of or in excess of $5000 must be approved by the board. Corporate donations under $5000 may be accepted or declined at the discretion of the executive director at any time. Corporate donations of over $1000 can only be accepted for IEC fundraising events. These sponsorships are listed on our website and event program, providing an avenue to ensure that our corporate donors are transparent to the public and our members. IEC does not accept anonymous or restricted corporate donations. IEC also accepts in-kind contributions from business donors for other events. (For example, space or food and beverage donations, raffle donations). These in-kind contributions are listed as part of the event information or otherwise transparent to event attendees.


Partners for Parks and Wildlife

Partners for Parks and Wildlife (PPW) is a grassroots coalition that is dedicated to secure and increase funding for open space and park acquisition, natural area preservation, wildlife habitat protection and recreational opportunities in Illinois.

Learn More About Climate Change

The U.S. EPA’s website on climate change was once a great resource for basic scientific information on the topic and we look forward to the day that it is again. Until then, the City of Chicago is making sure its citizens have access to research and information.


One of the simplest ways to donate to the IEC is by contributing through EarthShare in your workplace charity campaign .