We want to hear from you! Join IEC for our 2023 Environmental Town Hall Series this Fall.

Every year, IEC gathers together our 100+ affiliate organizations to pull together our top priorities for the next legislative session in Springfield. And once we have a list to go off of, the next step is to bring the work of Illinois’ environmental movement to you! Join IEC for our 2023 Environmental Town Hall Series, where we’ll take a deep dive into the top environmental issue areas IEC and our partners work within: Open Space, Clean Water, Clean Energy, Transportation, Zero Waste and Sustainable Agriculture

IEC will hear from local leaders and technical experts alike who will walk us through some of the topline environmental issues that we can expect to see our elected officials take up in the Capitol next year. And then, we want to hear from you! We’ll be opening up the floor to enviros like you to hear about the topics that matter most to you. Be a part of Illinois’ 2024 Environmental Agenda: scroll down to register for IEC’s 2023 Environmental
Town Halls.