IEC EnviroNews (Spring 2005)

  • Update on the danger of mercury
  • Governor Blagojevich gets mixed environmental grade
  • Review of annual meeting
  • Coalition continues drive for parks and wildlife funding
  • Preview of spring session
  • Concerns over budget
  • Governor Blagojevich calls for renewable portfolio standard

Tags: Mercury; Water; Clean Air; Energy; Transportation; Parks; Wildlife; Budget; Wind

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Partners for Parks and Wildlife

Partners for Parks and Wildlife (PPW) is a grassroots coalition that is dedicated to secure and increase funding for open space and park acquisition, natural area preservation, wildlife habitat protection and recreational opportunities in Illinois.

Learn More About Climate Change

The U.S. EPA’s website on climate change was once a great resource for basic scientific information on the topic and we look forward to the day that it is again. Until then, the City of Chicago is making sure its citizens have access to research and information.


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