IEC Bulletin (May 1, 1992)

  • Review of budget cuts to environmental programs
  • Lake Calumet airport top of legislative priorities
  • IEC Education Fund wins support for new fiscal literacy campaign
  • Lobby Day preparations
  • List of upcoming events

Tags: Budget; Lake Calumet; Airport; Pesticides

IEC Bulletin (May 26, 1992)

  • Midsession review
  • Attorney General report from Task Force on Environmental Legal Resources
  • Statehouse update

Tags: Trails; Lake Michigan; Fishing; Pesticide; Lake Calumet; Airport; Groundwater

IEC Bulletin (August 1992)

  • Post-session review
  • Lake Calumet airport bill failed in Senate
  • Session at a glance
  • How the state budget affects environmental policy
  • Bankers’ bill shifts contamination cleanup burden to taxpayers
  • Reports on clean air related legislation
  • Pesticide safeguards maintained and strengthened
  • List of upcoming events

Tags: Lake Calumet; Airport; Budget; Hazardous Waste; Landfill; Pollution; Clean Air; Nuclear Waste; Pesticide; Groundwater

IEC Bulletin (October 1992)

  • Governor Edger vetoes banker’s clean-up bill
  • Other actions on bills
  • List of upcoming events

Tags: Governor Edgar; Nuclear Waste; Clean Air

IEC Bulletin (December 1992)

  • Bankers’ bill veto upheld
  • Other veto session news

Tags: Nuclear Waste

IEC 18th Annual Conference Highlights

IEC Action Alert – Spring Session (1992)

IEC Auction (1992)

Environmental Voting Record 1992

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