IEC Affiliate Notes (January 1988)

IEC Bulletin (February 1988)

  • Preparing for the spring session
  • Profiles on two new environmental groups
  • Plan for lobby day

Tags: Solid Waste; Recycling; Nuclear Waste; Pollution; Groundwater; Middle Fork

IEC Bulletin (April 1988)

  • Solid waste bills top environmental concerns
  • Review of Conservation budget
  • Update on Rock Island Trail
  • Middle Fork has strong supports, but faces tough federal battle

Tags: Solid Waste; Recycling; Industrial Wastes; Pollution; Clean Air; Smog; Budget; Rock Island Trail, ATVs; Middle Fork

IEC Bulletin (June 1988)

  • Solid Waste Planning and Recycling Act moving forward
  • Action summary

Tags: Solid Waste; Recycling; ATVs

IEC Bulletin (July 1988)

  • IEC’s solid waste legislation highlights spring session success
  • Loopholes closed in chemical safety plans
  • No growth to Conservation budget
  • Bills seek to ensure fair landfill site review
  • Review of lobby day
  • List of upcoming events

Tags: Solid Waste; Recycling; Industrial Waste; Landfill; ATVs; Flood Control

IEC Bulletin (October 1988)

  • Governor signs solid waste and anti-pollution bills
  • List of upcoming events

Tags: Solid Waste; Recycling; ATVs; Pollution

IEC Bulletin (December 1988)

  • Composting bills clarified
  • Canoe fees retained
  • Middle Fork denied scenic river status

Tags: Composting; Middle Fork

IEC Action Alert (Dollars for the Environment)

IEC Action Alert (Solid Waste Planning and Recycling Act)

IEC Action Alert (Legislation Pertaining to ATVs)

IEC Action Alert (Middle Fork Dam)

IEC News (June 1988): State Environmental Programs $171 million short

Conservation Budget for Fiscal Year 1989

IEC Promotion – Illinois, Images of the Landscape

IEC 14th Annual Conference

IEC 14th Annual Conference in Review

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