IEC Affiliate Notes (October 1984)

  • New Conservation Director
  • Governor Addresses IEC Annual Meeting

IEC Affiliate Notes (December 1984)
Tags: Clean Air; Leaded Gas Ban; Acid Rain; Rock Island Trail; Hazardous Waste; Nuclear Waste

IEC Bulletin (February 1984): Includes a summary of Governor Thompson’s State of the State and the General Assembly’s Spring Schedule.

IEC Bulletin (September 1984): Includes a summary of action taken during Veto Session and coverage of the approved nuclear waste plan.

IEC Action Alert – FAP 431: Action alert asking supporters to oppose FAP 431 – a proposed l7-mile, ‘$286 million tollway through DuPage County that would take 5 to 8 acres of the world-famous Morton Arboretum.

IEC Action Alert – HB 2215: Action alert asking supporters to support HB2215, a community “right-to-know” bill, which allows citizens to know what chemical poisons they are being exposed to by local industries.

IEC Action Alert – Low-Level Nuclear Waste: Asks supporters contact their legislators in support of the Midwest Compact amendments by asking the Thompson administration not to repeal them.

IEC Action Alert – The Wabash Canal: Asks supporters to contact their legislators in opposition of the Wabash Canal and to oppose funding for the Corps’ feasibility study.

IEC Illinois Environment (April 1984)

  • Illinois still target for nuclear waste dump
  • DuPage toll road threatens Arboretum
  • Bill to support for cleaner air
  • The fight continues against nuclear waste
  • Report on acid rain
  • Soil erosion posing as a risk
  • List of upcoming events

Tags: Nuclear Waste; Clean Air; Acid Rain; Soil Erosion; Wabash River; Wildlife

IEC Illinois Environment (July 1984)

  • Review of legislative session
  • Governor Thompson commits funding to hazardous waste cleanup
  • Update on Wabash Canal debate
  • No environmental studies for DuPage toll road
  • List of upcoming events

Tags: Nuclear Waste; Emissions; Acid Rain; Governor Thompson; Hazardous Waste; Rock Island Trail; Wabash River; Common Ground

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